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Photo Gallery Blog

Total Photos: 3530     Total Albums: 57     Last Updated: 03-11-2014
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Asia rocktrip 12/13 Thailand, Laos, China
The best climbing spots in Southeast asia
Date: 03/11/14
Photos: 142

Badami, Hampi, Gokarna, India
Climbing on sandstone in Badami, bouldering in Hampi and chill out on the beach in Gokarna
Date: 09/01/13
Photos: 97

Hampi, India
The best Indian boudering on red granite
Date: 06/12/12
Photos: 110

Rock Trip Europe, Turkey, Greece, Italy, France
Three month rockclimbing adventure accros Europe from see clifs up to the hights of the Alpine...
Date: 01/09/11
Photos: 232

Fair Head, Ireland
The best trad climbing in Northern Ireland
Date: 27/04/11
Photos: 38

Glendalough, Ireland
Rockclimbing in Wicklow mountains
Date: 27/04/11
Photos: 27

Winter surfing, Ireland
October surfing on the west coast of Ireland
Date: 12/01/11
Photos: 34

Dovbush rocks, Ukraine
Sandstone climbing in Ukraine
Date: 18/09/10
Photos: 78

Two days on Batizovsky peak, Slovakia
Climbing in the High Tatras
Date: 18/08/10
Photos: 39

Bike trip on the east
Presov, Slanske vrchy, Sirava
Date: 09/07/10
Photos: 39

Ostra and Kratka peaks
The High Tatras
Date: 18/06/10
Photos: 33

Rockclimbing in Austria
Date: 04/05/10
Photos: 28

Spring bike touring
Accross central Slovakia on a bike
Date: 04/05/10
Photos: 73

El Chorro, Spain
A month of climbing in El Chorro of southern Spain
Date: 29/03/10
Photos: 57

Maltatal, Austria
Ice climbin in Austria
Date: 10/02/10
Photos: 65

Winter assent on Kolovy and Jahnaci peak in the High Tatras
Date: 07/01/10
Photos: 36

Hory a Mesto '09, Slovakia
Mountain film festival in Bratislava
Date: 26/04/09
Photos: 65

Cycle trip in Orava, Slovakia
Four sunny days in saddle in the north of Slovakia
Date: 19/04/09
Photos: 73

Sulov and Hradok
Rock climbing in Slovakia
Date: 08/04/09
Photos: 39

Climbing in Kalamarka, Slovakia
Beautiful andesite rocks near Detva
Date: 31/03/09
Photos: 22

Mrozek's icefall
50m high icefall in the High Tatras
Date: 26/03/09
Photos: 22

Bardejov and Ciezkowice
Bouldering competition and outdoor bouldering in Poland
Date: 24/03/09
Photos: 29

Skiing in Jasna, Slovakia
One of the best skiing areas of Slovakia
Date: 15/03/09
Photos: 18

Wadi Rum & Mallos de Riglos, Jordan,Israel,Spain
Climbing in the desert and potato spires
Date: 05/11/08
Photos: 238

Fair Head, Ireland
The best crack climbing of Ireland
Date: 30/09/08
Photos: 27

Surfing and Climbing in Portugal
Sunny week in southern Portugal
Date: 30/09/08
Photos: 55

Bike Trip in Kerry, Ireland
Famous Ring of Kerry on southwest of ireland
Date: 30/09/08
Photos: 45

Picos de Europa, Spain
Trekking in the highest mountains of northern Spain
Date: 31/05/08
Photos: 49

Bike Tour In Donegal, Ireland
Three sunny days on saddle on nothwest of Ireland
Date: 10/05/08
Photos: 47

Wicklow Bike Tour, Ireland
Bike touring in the mountains near Dublin
Date: 08/04/08
Photos: 31

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